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How Can My Child Have a Strong Immune System to Protect Against the Flu?

Children are constantly exposed to germs and are more prone to getting sick. The key to a healthy child is a strong immune system since it provides a natural defense to prevent illnesses like the flu and recover more quickly if they do catch it.

Here are 5 natural ways to increase a child’s immune system:

1. Create a Non-toxic Environment

Exposure to chemicals can damage the immune system and make it more difficult to fight off infections. These toxins are everywhere but can be reduced by doing things like using non-toxic cleaners and making sure hands are washed frequently without anti-bacterial soaps that contain harmful chemicals.

2. Offer a Natural, Wholesome Diet

Getting adequate nutrition helps balance the immune system and increases resistance to infection. The following things can be provided to ensure a child is receiving a wholesome diet:

  • Essential Vitamins – Vitamin deficiencies decrease immunity. A child should get all essential vitamins on a daily basis, especially Vitamin C.
  • Adequate Protein – A protein deficiency can lead to decreased cytokine production, which decreases immunity.
  • Healthy Snacks – Additive-rich snacks weaken the immune system. Snacks can also be problematic when a child fills up on them, leaving little room for healthy meals.
  • Unprocessed Foods – Chemicals in foods and processed foods decrease immunity.

In some colder climates, it might be necessary to include cold liver oil as a supplement for your children. Vitamin D-3 is also a very important supplement to boost immunity, even in areas that are generally sunny year round. A homeopath can help with dosing and also be a guide for proper nutrition.

3. Ensure Adequate Sleep

A child’s body regenerates, repairs and renews itself while sleeping so it’s important to ensure an adequate amount of 9-10 hours.

4. Use Herbs Under the Guidance of a Homeopath

Certain herbs, such as Echinacea, have been found to have remarkable immunological effects.

IMPORTANT: Herbs should not be given to children without first consulting an experienced homeopath.

5. Create a Healthy Home Environment

Love and attention are a wonderful way to boost immunity. Studies show that laughter and positive thinking help to strengthen immunity too. The more children laugh and enjoy life, the better their immune function. Unhappiness and stress can deplete the immune system and lower a child’s resistance to disease.


Children are exposed to germs and are more susceptible to getting the flu. However, there are natural Create a strong immune system in your children with homeopathy in Mesa, AZways to strengthen a child’s immunity, which include:

  • Creating a non-toxic home environment
  • Offering a natural, wholesome diet
  • Ensuring adequate sleep
  • Using herbal remedies
  • Creating a healthy home environment

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