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Schizophrenia can effectively be treated naturally with homeopathy in Mesa, AZSchizophrenia is a chronic disabling mental disease that severely affects thoughts and perceptions causing severe strain on both the patient and family.  Those experiencing delusions, such as false beliefs of persecution or false perceptions are among 1% of Americans affected by schizophrenia during their lifetime.  Although psychiatric treatment has improved greatly in the past 30 years, countless patients are still left suffering.  At Tree of Life Natural Medicine, Dr. Kaufmann uses homeopathy to fill the need for effective treatment of schizophrenia when conventional medicine fails.


Homeopathy has offered hope for schizophrenia since 1792 with most skilled physicians using homeopathy reporting cure rates of 80% or more.  The treatment selected at Tree of Life Natural Medicine for schizophrenia depends on the underlying cause of the condition.  The first step taken by Dr. Kaufmann is to treat the patient as a whole person, and understand the diagnosis as a guide to decision making.  Dr. Kaufmann also considers any obstacle to cure and uses appropriate therapies to remove them.


Treatment with homeopathy moves people through their condition often giving rapid relief.  Homeopathic treatment works to stimulate the body to heal itself.  Instead of masking emotions with medications, homeopathy opens the way to process and then reflect on the emotions enabling one to learn, grow and heal.

Remove obstacles to healing

Although homeopathy has the greatest success for treatment, occasionally there are road blocks which interfere with the healing process.  This could be a thyroid hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiency or a toxic relationship.  Dr. Kaufmann is trained to recognize these road blocks and remove them so that the healing process can proceed.

Supportive therapies

Additional therapies used at Tree of Life Natural Medicine during treatment are based on an individual’s need to enhance the response to the homeopathic medicine prescribed. This may may include nutrition, the elimination of food sensitivities, orthomolecular medicine, thyroid hormone therapy, botanical medicine  and other supplements to help stimulate the healing process.

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