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Ear Infections and Homeopathy

Ear infections can be treated with natural homeopathic remedies in Mesa, AZEar infections are a common yet treatable condition in both adults and children. If left untreated in young children, it could lead to impaired hearing and a delay in speech. These infections can occur in the eardrum and middle ear, or in the outer ear. Classical homeopathy is often used for treating ear infections and is safe to use in pregnancy or with prescribed medication, as it has no side effects. It targets the cause of the disease, is derived from natural resources, and boosts the immune system. Here are some homeopathic cures used to treat ear infections.


A homeopath will recommend this when an earache commences suddenly, and if there is severe pain accompanied by a red outer ear and elevated fever. Belladonna will also be recommended if the ear pain moves down the neck and face. The patient may also have a sore throat.


This is usually recommended for a teething child with severe ear pain. These children are usually irritable and symptoms usually improve when the affected child is covered with a blanket. They may also have a runny nose.


This is recommended when a patient has reached the latter stages of ear pain. The patient is usually weak with a sweaty head, feet or hands. Earache here stems from behind the ear.


This homeopathic ear infection remedy is ideal for children who are calmer. They may have a discharge from the ear or nose with earache that intensifies at night.


This is often used when the middle ear contains pus, and if the patient suffers from excessive sweating in the head and throughout the rest of the body. The patient’s tongue may also be puffy with an increase in saliva. Earache may intensify at night and the patient may have foul-smelling breath.

These are just a few of the options available to a trained classical homeopathic professional. Please do not attempt to self diagnose or self treat. Treatments are specifically selected based on your physical symptoms, mental state and past medical history and should not be taken without the supervision of a trained homeopathic professional.


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