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How Homeopathy Works – Homeopathic Remedies and Dosages

Homeopathic remedies are effective on many mental health disorders in Mesa, AZDetermining the dosage and potency (posology) of classical homeopathic remedies for any condition involves a thorough medical examination by a highly-trained homeopathic practitioner to determine which single remedy (simillimum) most closely fits the constellation of symptoms, and constitution of the individual. The patient’s physical and mental states are taken into consideration when determining the appropriate remedy and dosage, as are any possible miasmatic influences and tendencies, which are contributing to the diseased state.

In addition to assessing the condition of the mind and body of an individual, the practitioner will look at the potency of the remedy to determine proper dosage. The potency of a remedy refers to the dilution. A well-trained homeopathic practitioner will determine the appropriate dilution for a remedy based on the constitution, severity of the condition and the sensitivity of the individual to medicines in general . Counterintuitively, the higher the dilution, the more powerful the remedy. The practitioner will then provide instruction as to how frequently the remedy should be administered.

The most important thing to remember when determining a dosage for homeopathic treatments is that one should always consult a trained and licensed homeopathic practitioner, especially in cases of chronic conditions and behavioral disorders. A Certification in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) has emerged recently to identify those individuals who have received special training and case analysis in this area, however they may not have medical school training which would prevent them from making a formal diagnosis or ordering any laboratory tests. Self diagnosis and treatment are strongly discouraged, as proper diagnosis requires a complete understanding of the interconnectedness of mind and body. In addition, appropriate lab testing may be necessary with an extensive case-taking session to record all mental and physical symptoms in determining the ideal treatment plan. There are many homeopathic practitioners available to chose from however, board licensed Naturopathic Physicians are the only doctors who receive extensive homeopathic training as part of their medical school curriculum. Thoroughly researching the credentials and training of a homeopathic practitioner ensures that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly treat the condition in question.

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Ear Infections and Homeopathy

Ear infections can be treated with natural homeopathic remedies in Mesa, AZEar infections are a common yet treatable condition in both adults and children. If left untreated in young children, it could lead to impaired hearing and a delay in speech. These infections can occur in the eardrum and middle ear, or in the outer ear. Classical homeopathy is often used for treating ear infections and is safe to use in pregnancy or with prescribed medication, as it has no side effects. It targets the cause of the disease, is derived from natural resources, and boosts the immune system. Here are some homeopathic cures used to treat ear infections.


A homeopath will recommend this when an earache commences suddenly, and if there is severe pain accompanied by a red outer ear and elevated fever. Belladonna will also be recommended if the ear pain moves down the neck and face. The patient may also have a sore throat.


This is usually recommended for a teething child with severe ear pain. These children are usually irritable and symptoms usually improve when the affected child is covered with a blanket. They may also have a runny nose.


This is recommended when a patient has reached the latter stages of ear pain. The patient is usually weak with a sweaty head, feet or hands. Earache here stems from behind the ear.


This homeopathic ear infection remedy is ideal for children who are calmer. They may have a discharge from the ear or nose with earache that intensifies at night.


This is often used when the middle ear contains pus, and if the patient suffers from excessive sweating in the head and throughout the rest of the body. The patient’s tongue may also be puffy with an increase in saliva. Earache may intensify at night and the patient may have foul-smelling breath.

These are just a few of the options available to a trained classical homeopathic professional. Please do not attempt to self diagnose or self treat. Treatments are specifically selected based on your physical symptoms, mental state and past medical history and should not be taken without the supervision of a trained homeopathic professional.


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Treat Asthma With Homeopathy For a Permanent Cure!

Asthma can be effectively treated naturally in Mesa, AZAsthma is a difficult condition for anyone to deal with. Not being able to breathe properly is frightening and can be life threatening. Doctors may prescribe medication such as steroids or other types of inhalers, all of which may be used to reduce or slow down symptoms but not actually treat the condition. However, there are other options available, besides conventional prescription medicines. Homeopathy has the capability of treating asthma safely without the unwanted side effects often experienced with conventional medicines . Different treatment methods are available, based on symptoms, severity and when asthma occurs in the life of an individual. These conditions should not be self-diagnosed as it can lead to errors in the treatment process or even other more serious side effects. Instead, a licensed professional homeopath needs to diagnose the condition and prescribe the proper treatment based on the totality of symptoms present, including the mental/emotional state of the individual.

How to Find the Right Homeopathy Professional

So, how would someone find a homeopathic professional to treat asthma? They should not just go to a random individual who claims to treat asthma. Instead, they need to look for a licensed professional with experience, who has received the proper professional training. Naturopathic Physicians receive advanced training in the use of homeopathic medicines as part of their core curriculum in medical school. In addition, there are are a number of MD’s, DO’s and NP’s who have studied homeopathy outside of their formal medical training that are highly qualified and licensed to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Those homeopathic practitioners who do not have formal medical training (although some do) can apply for and receive a designation known as Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH) after intensive study and demonstration of detailed case management.

Available Treatments

One of the benefits of homeopathic treatment is the fact that each patient receives specialized treatments. It is not like prescription or over-the-counter medication where the same kind of drug is given to every patient. After all, each person is going to be unique and have a different medical history, symptoms and trigger points. Specialized homeopathic treatments is also why someone should never self-diagnose. Some treatments can prove more detrimental if not properly administered or used.

For anyone disappointed in traditional medication that has failed or produced unwanted, harmful side-effects and seeking a permanent cure for asthma, homeopathy may be the answer.

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How To Ease Back To School Anxiety With Homeopathy

Back to school anxiety in children can be treated with homeopathy in Mesa, AZIt’s that time of the year – when children may experience back to school anxiety about starting a new grade. Some kids may even be starting a new school or beginning school for the first time. Parents or guardians may be looking for ways to help reduce that anxiety. Homeopathy treats back-to-school anxiety very effectively through nutrition, medicines, and talking.


First of all, it’s important a child has reduced sugar intake, especially during anxious times. Anxiety makes the adrenals work as it causes high production of adrenaline and cortisol. These glands also have to work hard with a high sugar intake, so frequent sources of protein are important in taking the load off adrenal glands and balancing blood sugar.

The following vitamins are also very helpful in treating anxiety:

Vitamin C – supports the adrenal glands.

B Vitamins – very important for the nervous system.

Magnesium – helps a child be calm at night for restful sleep and is important for many systems in the body.


Homeopathic medicines can be very effective for back-to-school anxiety and they are also perfect to use with other types of anxiety that may be associated with going to a doctor or dentist appointment.

Aconite – Used when a child is very fearful and is restless. There may be a scared expression and trouble sitting still.

Argentum Nitricum – Used when a child has an anticipatory anxiety and feels very nervous. They are likely to have diarrhea and flatulence with the anxiety.

Arsenicum Album – Used when a child is very restless and insecure with their anxiety. They may show a degree of exhaustion but you know this fatigue has an emotional basis and is linked to anxiety.

Calcarea Carbonica – Used when a child is happy and easy-going for the most part, but can get very anxious and worry about small things when there is time to think.

Calcarea Phosphorica – Used when a child has headaches and/or tummy aches that prevent them from going. They may deny that there is anything wrong at school but they have the convenient ‘illness’ that allows them to stay at home. This is often times used for younger children.

Gelsemium – Used when a child feels weak and cowardly right before an event like a first day or exam because they feel the task ahead is too much to handle. Gelsemium should also be tried first before other homeopathic medicines when a child’s anxiety symptoms are hard to define.

Lycopodium – Used when a child is fearful about failing but covers it by looking overly confident on the outside. Performance is great but the child suffers extreme anxiety on the inside.

Pulsatilla – Used when a child tends to be very clingy, sensitive and highly emotional, needing lots of affection and support during times of change.

IMPORTANT: An experienced homeopath should be consulted for proper dosing.


A parent or guardian can help reduce a child’s anxiety by talking in the following ways:

Reassuring – Letting a child know that anxiety is normal will, in itself, help reduce anxiety.

Reflecting – This is done by observing a child and relaying the observations to open up conversation. A good way to do this is by saying something like “I could tell there was some anxiety when you were getting ready for school….is there anything in particular you are worried about?”

Validating – Explaining that anxiety is temporary and will get better will help a child realize that there is hope in overcoming the anxiety.

Showing Love – Making a child feel loved is the best provision a parent can provide that will help alleviate anxious feelings.

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The Importance Of Diet During Homeopathic Treatment

Diet is a very important factor with homeopathic treatments. in Mesa, AZHomeopathy, like any other science, is dependent upon precision and accuracy. As such, it is crucial that all hygienic factors be taken into account during homeopathic treatment, including one often overlooked variable: the patient’s diet. Much in the same way as grapefruit juice interferes with many common, traditional medicines, there are many food and beverage items that may disrupt (or “antidote”) the treatment prescribed by a homeopath. This is just one of many reasons that it is crucial to seek out someone who actually knows what they’re doing; one must take care to seek a professional, licensed homeopath, versus a friend or self-proclaimed “expert.” Those seeking treatment for a broken arm or heart disease wouldn’t rely on some mildly knowledgeable amateur, and similarly, it is vital to look into the background of any homeopathic professional before committing to their advice.

How Diet Can Effect Treatment

Numerous physicians and researchers have noted that many common foods and beverages can interfere with homeopathic treatment, with some professionals believing that these dietary articles may antidote homeopathic treatment. Some of the potential offenders include:

  • Alcohol
  • Cranberries
  • Pineapple
  • Onions
  • Mustard
  • Nutmeg
  • Certain pastries
  • Liver
  • Pork

Two items deserve special mention: coffee and conventional medications. The importance of a well-maintained and conscientious diet during homeopathic treatment is heavily rooted in the theories of Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of homeopathy as a science. He developed many of the standards and methods still in use today, including the notion that, simply put, in order to treat a disease at its core, one must eliminate any additional factors that may have a medicinal impact on the patient. The medicinal properties of coffee, as well as prescription and over-the-counter medications, have been observed as antidotes to several homeopathic remedies, causing many professionals to restrict their use in patients. These and all of the other above items may counter the effects of a homeopath’s prescribed treatment, and at the very least, these external factors can make it difficult to determine whether or not said treatment is working.

The Importance of an Informed Practitioner

There are many other items that physicians take into consideration; the list is extensive, and without the proper knowledge and training, one may either unnecessarily restrict their diet (potentially jeopardizing their health), or continue ingesting items that limit the efficacy of treatment (also jeopardizing their health). Obviously, a patient’s diet will be discussed with his or her physician. Different physicians practice different schools of thought on precisely what to avoid (some even eschew the idea of restrictions). Still, the fact remains that, regardless of approach, one is much better off seeking help from a qualified and licensed health care provider than they are “winging it,” or approaching someone who may do more harm than good; without advice from a licensed and certified homeopath, it is impossible to truly receive a holistic, comprehensive, and individualized approach with which to treat illness.

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How Can My Child Have a Strong Immune System to Protect Against the Flu?

Children are constantly exposed to germs and are more prone to getting sick. The key to a healthy child is a strong immune system since it provides a natural defense to prevent illnesses like the flu and recover more quickly if they do catch it.

Here are 5 natural ways to increase a child’s immune system:

1. Create a Non-toxic Environment

Exposure to chemicals can damage the immune system and make it more difficult to fight off infections. These toxins are everywhere but can be reduced by doing things like using non-toxic cleaners and making sure hands are washed frequently without anti-bacterial soaps that contain harmful chemicals.

2. Offer a Natural, Wholesome Diet

Getting adequate nutrition helps balance the immune system and increases resistance to infection. The following things can be provided to ensure a child is receiving a wholesome diet:

  • Essential Vitamins – Vitamin deficiencies decrease immunity. A child should get all essential vitamins on a daily basis, especially Vitamin C.
  • Adequate Protein – A protein deficiency can lead to decreased cytokine production, which decreases immunity.
  • Healthy Snacks – Additive-rich snacks weaken the immune system. Snacks can also be problematic when a child fills up on them, leaving little room for healthy meals.
  • Unprocessed Foods – Chemicals in foods and processed foods decrease immunity.

In some colder climates, it might be necessary to include cold liver oil as a supplement for your children. Vitamin D-3 is also a very important supplement to boost immunity, even in areas that are generally sunny year round. A homeopath can help with dosing and also be a guide for proper nutrition.

3. Ensure Adequate Sleep

A child’s body regenerates, repairs and renews itself while sleeping so it’s important to ensure an adequate amount of 9-10 hours.

4. Use Herbs Under the Guidance of a Homeopath

Certain herbs, such as Echinacea, have been found to have remarkable immunological effects.

IMPORTANT: Herbs should not be given to children without first consulting an experienced homeopath.

5. Create a Healthy Home Environment

Love and attention are a wonderful way to boost immunity. Studies show that laughter and positive thinking help to strengthen immunity too. The more children laugh and enjoy life, the better their immune function. Unhappiness and stress can deplete the immune system and lower a child’s resistance to disease.


Children are exposed to germs and are more susceptible to getting the flu. However, there are natural Create a strong immune system in your children with homeopathy in Mesa, AZways to strengthen a child’s immunity, which include:

  • Creating a non-toxic home environment
  • Offering a natural, wholesome diet
  • Ensuring adequate sleep
  • Using herbal remedies
  • Creating a healthy home environment
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Factors In Determining The Length Of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic treatment has been used for various types of ailments ever since it was discovered by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. The subject of this article will be, specifically, some of the factors that determine how long a particular homeopathic procedure will typically be.

The seven factors

Even those who administer homeopathic treatment frequently have difficulty predicting the exact length of their procedures. However, homeopaths have developed a list of seven factors that can affect the length, and each of them is described in detail in the following subsections.

The patient’s level of vitality

Young people tend to be more physically responsive than older people are. The moods of children can shift greatly from one moment to the next, and their physical symptoms can appear and disappear just about as rapidly.

His or her nature and social background

Those who are poor or otherwise living in relatively simple conditions tend to respond to homeopathic treatment more rapidly than those whose ways of life are more affluent owing to the greater acuteness of the pathologies experienced by such people.

The type of physical pathology present and how severe it is

Severity alone has no bearing on the length of treatment required; it is not the physical pathology per se with which homeopaths deal. Some medical conditions that were considered to be irreversible, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis, may prove the contrary with homeopathy.

How long the signs and symptoms of that pathology have been manifesting themselves

Roughly, for every year that the disease has been present, a month of homeopathic treatment will be required. This, however, is just a  “rule of thumb.”

Whether the condition is hereditary

Homeopaths speak of miasmatic influence (derived from the Greek word miainein, meaning pollution or taint), which is the sum of the negative energetic imprints transferred from parent to child, such as stresses experienced during pregnancy.

Interfering factors in the patient’s life

Such factors can include financial crises, quarrels with spouse and children and commutes to and from work that last for more than an hour. Those who live in rural areas and live quiet lives respond to homeopathy more rapidly.

The level of vitality that he or she is seeking

Some patients are interested in relieving symptoms only, while others want to be released from physical limitations. In the latter case, treatment may last for several years.

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Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Teens with Homeopathy

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a condition wherein the patient is plagued with intrusive and repetitive thoughts, or obsessions, which in turn produce incredible anxiety, resulting often in the need to perform some sort of behavior, action, or ritual to manage the anxiety. It is characterized by patients being mentally preoccupied by something. A common OCD obsession involves excessive concern Treat obsessive compulsive disorder with homeopathy in Mesa, AZover germs and cleanliness, which in this case may create the compulsion, or need to repeatedly wash the hands. Though many patients are aware that these thoughts and behaviors are irrational, they are unable to control them. It can be a debilitating and all consuming brain disorder, and without management, many patients are unable to function normally and lead productive lives.

Fortunately, homeopathy offers several effective remedies for those suffering from this condition, especially teens, and works with the philosophy that the mind and body are powerfully linked, and must be treated as a whole. Homeopathy can be instrumental in managing the disorder, and controlling the unwanted thoughts and behaviors.

In contrast to psychiatric prescription drugs, which can become a lifelong crutch, in addition to often creating several undesirable side effects, homeopathic remedies are completely natural, and as a result, non-toxic. As opposed to merely treating symptoms, homeopathy works to reestablish equilibrium in the mind and the body, whereby thoughts and behaviors become more manageable as the brain’s symmetry is restored.

Several different homeopathic remedies are available in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, based on an assessment of the presenting symptoms. Determining the most fitting and appropriate remedy requires a thorough evaluation from a well educated and qualified homeopathic physician. It is never wise to self diagnose and treat.

Living with OCD is anything but pleasant. However, it is possible to break the pattern of being controlled by one’s thoughts and actions, and to become truly liberated and capable of living life to the fullest. Please contact us to schedule a consultation to review your symptoms and to determine the most effective treatment options.

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Treating Teens With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Using Homeopathy

The Use of Homeopathy

Homeopathy refers to the method of treating some form of ailment by intentionally producing some of the symptoms thereof. The German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) developed the idea on which modern homeopathy is based during the early 1800s, theorizing that a drug that produces certain disease symptoms in a healthy person will have the opposite effect on somebody who already has a disease of which such symptoms are characteristic. (The older school of medicine, based on the opposite principle, is known as allopathy.)  In this article, we will look specifically at the use of homeopathic treatments for attention deficit disorder (ADD).

ADD-affected children

boy-608821_1920About 35 percent of all children in the United States are affected by this disorder. Traditionally, doctors have used central nervous system stimulants to treat ADD. One such drug is Ritalin and other brands of methylphenidate. This particular drug has been prescribed with increasing frequency since the 1990s, partly as a result of the more widespread acceptance of ADD as a valid diagnosis. If the use of this and other such drugs is monitored carefully, they can be effective at least some of the time; however, there is a risk of toxicity, and their effects on children under six has not yet been adequately tested, so these drugs should be considered off-limits to that age group.

That leaves homeopathy as a viable alternative for those who want to see their children treated for ADD as early as possible. Although objective evidence for its effectiveness has been lacking up to a point (see next section), clinicians have reported that homeopathy does have positive results when used properly.

Testing the effectiveness of homeopathy

A blind test was performed in 1997 on 43 ADD children. Each was selected for either a homeopathic remedy or a placebo, which was administered for ten days. Those in the first group improved more greatly than those in the placebo group. An article on this study appeared in the October issue of the British Homeopathic Journal that year.

Some individual homeopathic remedies

The number of homeopathic ADD medicines are great. A few of the medicines are listed below:

  • Agentum nitricum
  • Calcarea carbonica
  • Lycopodium clavatum
  • Natrum muriaticum
  • Hyoscyamus
  • Tuberculinum
  • Remember, when considering homeopathic treatments for you child you should never self diagnose or treat.  Please seek advice and treatment from a highly trained and experienced homeopathic practitioner.  Treatment should only be performed by an experienced homeopathic practitioner, after an extensive medical history as been performed to make sure the appropriate medicine is administered.
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